Exhibit & Gallery Photos: Meeting the Greats

Greg Bond from Oregon Public Broadcasting and Mike next to Mike’s piece, “The Painted Goddess” at Verum Ultimum.
Mike Leckie at his booth for the 2012 Olympic Trials
Mac Wilkins and Mike. Mike was thrilled to work with his hero, Mac, in 2009 to create a bas-relief portrait.
Mike Leckie with Andrew Wheating, 2008 and 2012 Olympian. Mike had the honor to work with Andrew to create bas-relief portrait in 2016.

Book Mentions

Written by: David Leddick

As images of men’s bodies have proliferated in pop culture and advertising during the past decade, many artists and photographers have taken up the male nude as a primary subject. Recent work has sparked controversy as well as praise for its shocking frankness, and the line between art and pornography has become increasingly difficult to define. New digital technologies have brought about new ways of representing the body, and we are now faced with a multiplicity of eroticisms, previously unexplored channels of desire, and more inclusive and varied body ideals.

Male Nudes Now offers an essential guide through this new territory with more than 240 fresh and provocative images. Featuring contemporary work, mostly unpublished, this important sourcebook showcases a dynamic mix of visionaries, from established masters to breakthrough newcomers.

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Written by:  Christopher Dunn

The study of the precision, symmetry and geometry of the Ramses statues at Luxor and Memphis.

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Written by: Christopher Dunn

“I believe, as Chris Dunn superbly details in this book, that ancient Egyptian sculptors and architects were so precise and their works so monumental that they must have used sophisticated technology, probably hidden in their time and now lost to ours. ”

-Mike Leckie

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