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"I love bronze. It's an ancient medium. It's a really hot metal. It's soft and malleable, and it pours easily when you cast it. I've been casting bronze since 1971. I like it's permanence.
I can do different things with bronze than I can with stone. I can put an arm out in the air with a hand holding a bouquet flowers. I can't do that in stone. The tensile strength of bronze allows to have things go far away from the main body of the piece…an arm, hair, clothing."


The Reading Girl scupture by Mike LeckieMarble & Stone

"I have been to Carrara, Italy twice and have sent home fourteen tons of marble. I have a huge marble yard of blocks in front of my studio. I also have marble from California, Colorado, Utah, Maine, South America and Africa. I believe that I am a teacher, that I am extremely kind and humanistic at my core level. I think that shows up in my work. Anybody who looks at my work feels what I have put into it. They come away with a sense of kindness and humanism. I truly believe that people are kinder to one another after being exposed to my work.

Marble takes a very high level of both mental and physical attention. If you're not at that level physically, you can't carve. And if your attitude isn't at a high enough level, you're going to break the piece. So to be "on" the whole time you're carving…I like that. It pulls stuff out of me that's very important."


Male Nudes

The classical tradition says a lot about strength and vulnerability.
I believe that what I'm doing is bridging the gap between modern and ancient. They are related to the past but they are obviously current.

There's something about the gestures that makes them look modern, even though I'm working in a style that's very old.


Female Nudes

The female nudes always end up being about fertility in some fashion. Female figures have been used as fertility symbols for thousands of years. Venus de Villendorf, a rotund figure of a woman is the earliest piece of sculpture ever found.

I like a vitality inside of the piece one that speaks to movement
and life.



"I like translucent color, so to combine my sense of sculpture and my sense of color…it's like I get to paint with color inside the sculpture. There is no other medium like that.

I use kiln-casting. A few use this but it is still an unusual process. Most use sand casting. Kiln casting is a completely different process. What I'm trying to do with the new icons in glass that I'm doing in kiln-casting is I'm using silica flour that is 300 grit instead of the usual 40 grit. The surfaces that I'm getting are very fine. The detail in my work is very high.

My glass still brings humanism and kindness but because they have so much color, they look a little more like a party. There's something about that that I love. They are exciting because of the color."



"Each is one of a kind. I go out on a cold morning, hold the hammer in one hand and the wax in the other and I break the figure. Because I've been working with wax for 35 years, I understand wax at a level that I know what's going to happen when I hit it. It is still random but I have a lot to do with how random it is.

Because they've been broken and put back together, I've been called a deconstructionist. They're examples of what happens to humans in our world. We are fragmented and broken and then put back together. We become survivors. Even though they have been broken and only fragments of their bodies are there, they all have a reasonably proud stance. They take pride in themselves. To me that means, 'Yes, I have been fragmented by the damage the world has done to me, but I am still a survivor.'"


Bas Relief

"Bas-reliefs are exceptionally challenging. They are their own particular form of sculpture. I like the process. It's not what people think. Because of the flat background, you just don't make a piece of sculpture.
I go for nature themes but it's nature with humans included. They often have actual impressions of ferns or leaves or grasses along with the human faces. All the human faces are sculpted by fingertips. I have never made a mold from someone's face, all the faces are from my fingertips.

I have triptychs and singles but even the sides of some of my cast-iron Ting are bas-relief."


Cast Iron

"I have a whole series of cast iron pieces that, because I am familiar with ancient Chinese art, are my modern versions of the ancient Chinese Ting, a cast iron cooking vessel with feet. There are examples of Ting that are 5,000 years old.

Because I'm a modern sculptor, these are not as classically conceived. They had very tight rules about what was acceptable. I don't have the same rules. I have been allowed to jump and make a splash with these pieces. They are rooted in the past but they belong to today."



"The client has a general idea of what they want. I make drawings and we talk about the drawings and then I go make the piece of sculpture that I think is appropriate. What they get is still a piece of my work, but it has been instigated by their inquiry and their ideas. They already like my work or they wouldn't have chosen me for the commission.  The last couple I've done, people have picked out a rock and said, "I will love whatever you make"

Mike is available for commission work.


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