"I have been a figurative sculptor since childhood. My studio contains examples of my earliest work, before age ten. At 25 I made the decision to work only inside the field of sculpture. As I traveled and matured, my exposure to museums and other figurative artists increased my understanding of classical figures.
I am mainly self-taught. I believe that my work is a continuation, a bridge from the 19th century romantics to current figurative sculpture. I bring the simplistic, clean line of the 20th century to sensitive figurative work that resounds with psychological and emotional language. My figures are realistic without photo-realism; they are rooted in classicism, yet grow out of today's issues.
My representations are of humans who are self-assured, self-contained, even stoic in some instances. They are quiet and beautiful pieces. Learning to make clean classical figures has allowed me to go a step further, into deconstructivism. I created my first bronze figurative fragments for myself 20 years ago, in response to intriguing pieces I had seen in museums. The first few I called 'museum fragments.' Their popularity has grown as others recognize the psychological implications."


Impressions of a Mike Leckie exhibition:


As one enters the gallery, the eyes go directly to the brightly lit figure of a young woman, with her hair and dress kissed lightly by a soft afternoon breeze.

 Next to her, another young woman perched momentarily, with her leg extended, as she pauses to tie back her hair with a slight filigree of ribbon. 

These bronzes at first glace, reflect a classic sculpture background, but surprise with an edge so obviously modern, at close examination.

The first piece is the goddess, Nike. She bends slightly , taking a second to tie her sandal strap, while glancing back over her shoulder, to see how close the boys are she is racing.  In her face one can see the self determination enhanced with anxiousness at the delay.

Further back in the gallery where Nike has paused in her race, one finds the fragmented pieces Leckie refers to as his survivor series. Again the mature mastery of classic sculpture is apparent, but these bronzes have parts missing from the torso, arms legs and heads. Leckie shows them erect and strong in their ability to survive all that life throws at them and still continue to meet each day with a fearless dignity and reliance.

Unlike so many contemporary figurative sculptures, that seem commercial and rehearsed, Leckie's figures are caught in just a brief instant of time.  This is the difference between dry perfection and gifted inspiration.

----Karen Fox


Mike Leckie's sculpture, "The Reading Girl" featured on OPB's Artbeat Oregon #1127. Original air date June 3, 2010.


"When videographer Greg Bond and I walked into Mike's studio to shoot a story on him, we were stopped in our tracks by the sheer beauty of his work. We didn't see Greg again for another hour as he immersed himself in shooting Mike's work. I had to somehow match beauty for beauty so I chose a lovely Ennio Morricone piece to go with them.


This also gives you a good idea of how Mike works. It's not often you get to see a great sculptor at work!"
---Tom D'Antoni / producer

Mike's method of casting glass.

To view a new Glass work in progress click here

David Leddick - Male Nude Now: New Visions for the 21st Century
The photographs and reproductions of drawings and paintings and sculture in David Leddick's book are so clear, clean and produced so beautifully that it makes this important, if paperbound, volume worth the high price.

Leddick has cleverly divided the book into seven different categories: artists who are experimentalists, those who are neo-classicists, eroticists, fantasists, sensualists, realists and romanticists.

The categories contain works by famous artists: David Hockney, John Dugdale, Christopher Makos, Nan Goldin, Duane Michaels, Mike Leckie and many more.

New York Times


david leddick

To Purchase Male Nude Now click on the cover above

Group Exhibitions

2003-2006 Zado Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1984-2005 Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon
2003 Palm Springs Desert Museum. Award winner at juried National Show.
2001-2002 Robert Canaga Gallery, Eugene , Oregon
1998-2001 Chetwynd Stapylton Gallery, Portland , Oregon
2000 Robert & Mary Montgomery Armory Art Center Figurative Small Works 2000, West Palm Beach , Florida
2000 National Small Sculpture Exhibition 2000, Hattiesburg , Mississippi
1999 Maude Kerns Art Center , Eugene, Oregon
1999 Jacobs Gallery, Hult Performing Arts Center, Eugene, Oregon
1998- Leslie Lohman Gallery , New York, New York
1997-1999 Creative Metal Arts Guild Annual Shows, Portland , Oregon
1998 Kunst Centrum Narthex, Amsterdam , The Netherlands
1998 Brian Marki Fine Arts, Portland , Oregon
1998 Adell McMillan Gallery, University of Oregon , Eugene, Oregon
1997-1998 Provenance, Eugene , Oregon
1997-1998 Bronze Edition Gallery, Kirkland , Washington
1995, 1998 Eugene Airport Gallery, Visual Arts Resources, Eugene , Oregon
1994-1998 Caswell Gallery, Troutdale , Oregon
1986-1998 Portland Art Institute, Museum Rental-Sales Gallery, Portland , Oregon
1997 Mockingbird Gallery, Bend , Oregon
1997 Polo MA Gallery, Edgewater , New Jersey
1997 Northwest Stone Sculptors Exhibition, Seattle Convention Center , Seattle ,Washington

One- and Two-Person Exhibitions

2005 Goldworks, Eugene, Oregon
2005  Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon
2004 Gallery Dot Fifty-One, Miami, Florida
2003 Elements Glass Co., Portland, OR .
2003 Goldworks, Eugene, Oregon
2002 Art Territory, West Hollywood, California
2001 Artmonk Gallery, Armonk, New York
2000 Governor Suite, Governor Hotel, Portland, Oregon
1998 Lane County Historical Museum, Eugene, Oregon
1990 Alder Gallery, Eugene, Oregon
1984 Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon
1984 Tiffany & Co., Beverly Hills, California
1983 Artist Union Gallery, Eugene, Oregon
1981 Gallery 141, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
1981 Rialto Sculpture Gardens, Venice, California
1979 Phoenix, West Hollywood, California


2012 Awards for Santa Barbara International Marathon
2008, 2012 Art for Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon
2010 Mentioned and quoted in Christopher Dunn's book "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt"
2009 Marble sculpture, "The Reading Girl" commissioned by the Albany Public Library
2009 Official Art of the USTF National Finals and USTF Masters in Oregon
2008 Bronze- Created life-sized bust for "The Sidney Frank Award for Excellence in Advertising"
2006 Marble Torso- created for private commission, Eugene, Oregon
2005 Cast Glass Icon- designed and produced for Koala Construction Co., Eugene, Oregon
2005 Cast Glass Icon- designed and produced for private commission, Eugene, Oregon
2005 Glass Sculpture created for private commission, Eugene, Oregon
2004 Glass Sculpture used as poster art for 'Art in the Vinyard', Eugene, Oregon
2001 Included in David Leddick's book "Male Nude Now: New Vision for the 21st Century"
1999 Winner, Art Calendar Crabbie Contest; publication award
1991, 1995 Exhibited life-size marble figures, City of Eugene , outdoor art competition
1993 Traveled to Berlin to study Pergamon altar
1990 Oregon Duck image, bronze, Duck Athletic Fund, UO, Eugene , Oregon
1989 Official image for the World Champion Masters' Track Meet, Eugene , Oregon
1988 Purchasing trip – to Carrera, Italy for Marble
1987 Redesigned lamppost medallions for historic district, Eugene , Oregon
1985 Designed porcelain plate commemorative, Alumni Club, UO, Eugene , Oregon
1985 Created bronze crucifix, St. Agnes Church, Springfield , Oregon
1985 Chocolate designs, Dream City Chocolate, Eugene , Oregon
1979 Renovated foundry and cast bronze, UCLA, Westwood , California
1978-1979 Internship - West Coast Sculptors' Foundry, West Los Angeles , California
1978-1979 Internship - Renaissance II Foundry, Venice , California
1976-1977 Internship - Berkeley Art Foundry, Berkeley, California
1970 Cast first bronze, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon


1993 Instructor, marble carving seminar, Carrara, Italy (Organized travel, lodging and studio space for my American students and taught carving technique)
1992-93 Instructor, private studio classes in clay and marble, Eugene, Oregon (figure sculpture from life)
1991 Instructor, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon (figure sculpture from life)
1989-91 Instructor, Adult Education, Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon
(Classes taught: Sculpting heads and faces, figure sculpture from life and rubber mold-making)
1975-76 Assistant Professor of Metals, Instituto Allende, San Miguel Allende, Guanajuanto, Mexico
(Taught jewelry making and supervised bronze casting)


Bachelor of Arts, Metalsmithing, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 1973


Post-graduate work, Instituto Allende, San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, 1975-76
Post-graduate work, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California, 1977
Post-graduate work, California State University, Long Beach, California, 1979
Post-graduate work, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, 1981


1978-79 West Coast Sculptors' Foundry, West Los Angeles, California
1978-1979 Renaissance ll Foundry, Venice, California
1976-1977 Berkeley Art Foundry, Berkeley, California


1993-95 Coordinator, Sculpture Park, Art and the Vineyard, Eugene, Oregon
1985-87 Gallery Committee, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon
Curator, Second Biennial (All Oregon) Sculpture Symposium, 1987
Curator, Oregon Made for Interiors, 1986
Curator, first Biennial (Lane County) Sculpture Symposium, 1985